Thursday, February 03, 2011

Canadian Motivational Speaker Martial Arts Champion

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Karate World Champion and former member of the Canadian National Karate Team Clint Cora, is a Canadian motivational speaker now as he helps others with their personal development as well as motivate corporate audiences. After a very long and successful martial arts competition career that started in 1985, Clint retired from active competition a few years ago and started his move into professional speaking.

He now inspires audiences everywhere and Canadian audiences in particular have some obvious benefits when they bring him in as their speaker. From a logistics and cost point of view, a Canadian speaker like Clint Cora will be of more value per dollar for the event organizers.

For greater Toronto area GTA events, the pluses add up even more because Clint Cora is based in the GTA and events located within or nearby result in no travel expenses for the organizers. This is in contrast to bringing professional speakers from other parts of the world which will require a travel cost component. A Toronto speaker like Clint will eliminate the travel component altogether for event planners.

So for events in Canada and especially in the Toronto area, when it's time to bring in a motivational speaker, there's no need to go outside Canada for that. There are Canadian motivational speakers like Clint Cora right here in Canada who are available for your local event needs.

It's always great for Canadian audiences to hear their own champions rather than those who competed for other countries. Add the logistics and cost benefits, Canadian is really the way to go!

canadian motivational speaker karate world champion

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