Monday, November 30, 2009

New Martial Arts Blog Moved To New Server

Okay, we have successfully moved pretty well all older posts from this Blogger martial arts blog to our new location at our Martial Arts Articles Online website. We have even established a new link to this new blog over there at our Links section here at the sidebar. This Blogger blog will remain active but will no longer be updated with new posts as all activity will be at the new Martial Arts Blog.

Other blog that have been moved as part of a group include Pharmaceutical Sales Blog and Motivation Diversity Success Blog. We also started a new blog for dog lovers called Life With Dogs Blog.

This is our final post here. So we will see you over there at our new blog!

New Martial Arts Blog

Our new Martial Arts blog will be at so please update your bookmarks accordingly. This martial arts blog here on the Blogger system will likely be deleted once we export all old posts to the new blog.

Martial Arts Bulletin Blog Will Be Moving

This is just a preliminary announcement that this martial arts blog will be moving over to a Wordpress blog within our Martial Arts Articles Online website early this week. We just created the new blog over at our website and need to figure out how to import all the existing posts from this martial arts blog here on Blogger to the new Wordpress blog. Once we know all the new URLs and RSS feeds, we will announce them here on this Blogger blog as our final post. We will then leave this blog running here on Blogger for about a week before deleting it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Look For Martial Arts Blog

I have chosen a new look for my martial arts blog so that hopefully, things are easier to read. I've also added a link to my Clint Cora Facebook Fan Page in case some of you like to hang out there. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook anytime as I always welcome addition friends who are martial artists. A link was also created to my new martial arts articles website.