Monday, April 30, 2012

Martial Arts Champ Creates Rent To Own Program

Martial arts world champion Clint Cora has just created a new rent to own Toronto program to help people who rent homes, become full homeowners.  It is part of his way of giving back to community after a long martial arts competition career.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

If Martial Artists Can Try Like Dogs

Ever notice that dogs never complain when they go through their dog training sessions?  They always eagerly get into their workouts and drills without any complaints unlike many humans do.  If we could only develop the same training ethics as dogs.

It doesn't matter whether they are going through obedience, agility or even potty training, dogs are always willing to drill no matter what time of day.  In fact, it's the dog owners that need more discipline during these sessions than the dogs do.  Here's a free dog training video available to teach new owners the basics.

For us martial artists, we should learn to develop the same type of training ethics as dogs already have!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Self Help Development Tribute To Bruce Lee

Self Help Development Tribute

Here's my Canadian motivational speaker self help development tribute to my hero, martial arts legend Bruce Lee. I've said many times that if it wasn't for Bruce Lee, I certainly would not have become the person I am today and it was only a matter of time when I would do a Clint Cora Motivational WebTV episode around him. And now that we have come to episode number 20, it has finally happened.

I also chose to shoot this Motivational WebTV episode in a location that I have never used before which is my garage since the background kind of resembles some of the indoor scenes from Bruce Lee movies.

I talk about Bruce Lee and his massive influence on me and my own self help development during all of my motivational talks of at least 45 minutes as well as my full day personal development seminars when I put on my Canadian motivational speaker hat on. This is part of my recommendation for everyone to have heroes or positive role models to look up to as part of the process of achieving life success.

Self Help Development On Video

Here is the new Motivational WebTV below featuring my self help development tribute to Bruce Lee.

If you want to know more about my life hero, I wrote a separate article on Bruce Lee. This article gets into a bit of background history of him as well as the front cover of an annual Bruce Lee calendar.

I have all of the Bruce Lee movies on DVD and pull one out to watch every six months again to relive the powerful impact that he had on me when I was younger. This is one form of motivation and inspiration that I get on a regular basis.

As always, please feel free to leave your comments about this self help development video here or at my Motivation Facebook page and share this video with your friends, especially other Bruce Lee fans. Now you know who was the biggest influence in the life and self help development of this one Canadian motivational speaker.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Karate Black Belt Talks About Motivational Sports Speakers

Motivational Sports Speakers

There are motivational speakers out there that come from an athletic or sports background and therefore can be classified as motivational sports speakers. I would be classified as one since my karate background can be considered as sport.

Sometimes martial artists and even karate instructors have been known to sit in on some of my talks. One such example was when Earl Tucker, a 4th dan karate black belt instructor, not only took in my talk but organized the event I did at the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario.

Karate Black Belt Talks About Clint Cora

Earl, who works as a real estate officer at the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario, was caught on video talking about the presentation that I did there as a motivational sports speaker. The video is shown below.

It turns out that Earl and I first met many years ago in the late 1980s when both of us were working at a real estate design consulting firm in downtown Toronto. I didn't stay long there. We met up again just in recent years at a Toastmasters district conference where I was giving a personal development workshop and we were finally able to work on an event together for this talk that I did at the Ministry of Transportation's offices. The event turned out to be a success with a nice turnout in the audience.

For more information on my current available presentations and seminars, see my Speaking Programs section at my website. For more background details of the athletic aspect, see my motivational sports speaker background, where I go into my martial arts background in more detail.

Don't forget to visit either my website or see the sidebar of this blog for access information for my free World Champion Personal Growth Guide.

Canadian Motivational Speaker Martial Arts Champion

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Karate World Champion and former member of the Canadian National Karate Team Clint Cora, is a Canadian motivational speaker now as he helps others with their personal development as well as motivate corporate audiences. After a very long and successful martial arts competition career that started in 1985, Clint retired from active competition a few years ago and started his move into professional speaking.

He now inspires audiences everywhere and Canadian audiences in particular have some obvious benefits when they bring him in as their speaker. From a logistics and cost point of view, a Canadian speaker like Clint Cora will be of more value per dollar for the event organizers.

For greater Toronto area GTA events, the pluses add up even more because Clint Cora is based in the GTA and events located within or nearby result in no travel expenses for the organizers. This is in contrast to bringing professional speakers from other parts of the world which will require a travel cost component. A Toronto speaker like Clint will eliminate the travel component altogether for event planners.

So for events in Canada and especially in the Toronto area, when it's time to bring in a motivational speaker, there's no need to go outside Canada for that. There are Canadian motivational speakers like Clint Cora right here in Canada who are available for your local event needs.

It's always great for Canadian audiences to hear their own champions rather than those who competed for other countries. Add the logistics and cost benefits, Canadian is really the way to go!

canadian motivational speaker karate world champion

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Martial Arts Blog Moved To New Server

Okay, we have successfully moved pretty well all older posts from this Blogger martial arts blog to our new location at our Martial Arts Articles Online website. We have even established a new link to this new blog over there at our Links section here at the sidebar. This Blogger blog will remain active but will no longer be updated with new posts as all activity will be at the new Martial Arts Blog.

Other blog that have been moved as part of a group include Pharmaceutical Sales Blog and Motivation Diversity Success Blog. We also started a new blog for dog lovers called Life With Dogs Blog.

This is our final post here. So we will see you over there at our new blog!

New Martial Arts Blog

Our new Martial Arts blog will be at so please update your bookmarks accordingly. This martial arts blog here on the Blogger system will likely be deleted once we export all old posts to the new blog.

Martial Arts Bulletin Blog Will Be Moving

This is just a preliminary announcement that this martial arts blog will be moving over to a Wordpress blog within our Martial Arts Articles Online website early this week. We just created the new blog over at our website and need to figure out how to import all the existing posts from this martial arts blog here on Blogger to the new Wordpress blog. Once we know all the new URLs and RSS feeds, we will announce them here on this Blogger blog as our final post. We will then leave this blog running here on Blogger for about a week before deleting it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Look For Martial Arts Blog

I have chosen a new look for my martial arts blog so that hopefully, things are easier to read. I've also added a link to my Clint Cora Facebook Fan Page in case some of you like to hang out there. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook anytime as I always welcome addition friends who are martial artists. A link was also created to my new martial arts articles website.